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Tralee Culvert

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General Description

This contract involved a combination of the relining and reconstruction of almost 700m of a 5m wide x 2m high culvert along Princess Quay. The arch span involved made it the largest G.R.P lined conduit in Europe. The culvert originally consisted of an arched construction of limestone masonry and mortar. It was generally 5m wide with head height varying from 1.4m - 2.0m. Overall, the culvert was in poor structural condition. As a result its hydraulic capacity had been considerably reduced. Sorensen used a combination of relining and reconstruction. Working conditions were difficult as it was all subject to tidal water. Sorensen had to divert existing flows and worked on 12m long sections at a time. They diverted over 2.25 million litres per hour, 24 hours a day for a year. Some sections were encased internally with G.R.P liner and a concrete grouted annulus, to form a composite masonry and concrete arched culvert. The arch spans gave a clear internal width of 4.5m. Sorensen reconstructed the other sections with reinforced concrete box culverts up to 4.8m wide x 2.05m high.

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