Athlone Slipway Project

Sorensen has successfully completed construction of a reinforced concrete slipway for Waterway’s Ireland at Burges Park, Athlone, Co. Westmeath. The project involved the construction of 41m long x 6m wide slipway, founded on 19no. PCC piles with surrounding rock armour acting as scour protection. All works were safely completed within a three-sided cofferdam constructed by Sorensen. The location of the works required the implementation of significant environmental controls including silt curtains, silt fencing, settlement tanks, silt boxes, silt bags and turbidity & pH monitoring to ensure that the works did not have any negative impact on the River Shannon and the surrounding environment. The construction of the new slipway will allow Emergency Services access to the River Shannon in the event of an emergency south of Athlone rather than having to go to Shannonbridge which is 26km away or having to pass through the Athlone Lock which has restricted operating hours.