Churchfield Reservoir Roof Replacement Project Update

In recognition of #InternationalDroneDay, we’re sharing recent footage from our Churchfield Reservoir Roof Replacement project that we are delivering for #IrishWater.

This is a particularly challenging and complex project that involves the careful removal and replacement of the existing RC roof structure from this 40 mega-litre reservoir. The reservoir remains operational throughout the works and is a key piece of infrastructure for Irish Water in their ongoing supply of potable water to Cork City. The removal works are progressing well, and the team has managed to remove over 80% of the 4,200m2 RC roof structure. Our trusted supply chain partner, #BannagherPrecastConcrete has successfully delivered the replacement precast elements to allow our site team to reconstruct 80% of the roof structure.

Keep up the good work #TeamSorensen and well done on getting this far on the project incident free.