New Project News – Glanmire Roads Improvement Scheme

We have great pleasure in announcing that Cork City Council has appointed Sorensen Civil Engineering as Main Contractor to deliver the Glanmire Road Improvements and Sustainable Transport Works. The project entails delivering 3no. sections of the wider scheme, namely; Section P1 (Church Hill Junction), Section P3 (Improvements to Glanmire Bridge/Village) and Section P9 (L2999 Dunkettle Road). Our team will be mobilising to site in the coming days and are looking forward to meeting the local community and neighbouring businesses in advance of commencing the works.

The project works include the following:

Section P1 (Church Hill Junction) involves the provision of a new right turn lane from the R639. To accommodate this layout, the boundary wall of Cólaiste an Phiarsaigh will be set back. The benefits associated with the proposal include a more efficient junction which will provide higher levels of service for all users. Pedestrians will be provided with wider footways with a new footway on Church Hill. The bus stops will be relocated to provide for more direct connectivity with Cólaiste an Phiarsaigh and bus laybys will be provided so the efficiency of traffic movement on the Glanmire Road is improved. A pedestrian crossing will support much safer road conditions.

Section P3 (Improvements to Glanmire Bridge/Village) involves upgrading the existing road network on the R639, Glanmire Bridge and Glanmire Village. The aim of the project is to reduce speeds within Glanmire Village to provide a safer road network for all road users; this will be achieved through the incorporation of a raised carriageway surface. The project will integrate with other proposals included within the project such as improvements to R639/Church Hill Junction, the Proposed Greenway, Proposed Pedestrian Bridge and L2999 Dunkettle Road Upgrades.

Section P9 (L2999 Dunkettle Road) involves the upgrade of the L2999 Dunkettle Road. From Glanmire Village to the proposed Ballinglanna development a 3m shared use footway/cycleway, a 6.5m carriageway and a 2m footway is proposed. From the Ballinglanna Development towards Dunkettle a wider cross section consisting of a 2m footway either side of the carriageway, a 3m segregated cycle track, a 6.5m carriageway and 1m verge either side of the carriageway will be provided. Pedestrian/cyclist crossings will be provided at various locations to improve safety for all road users.

Glanmire Roads Improvement Scheme