The Ridge, Maryborough Hill, Cork

This road improvement scheme entailed the realignment of the existing Maryborough Hill Road and the construction of a new 4-leg roundabout to provide safe access to the new Maryborough Ridge Housing Development The upgrade works also included the provision of right turn lanes serving both the Maryborough Ridge Estate and the Broadale Residential Estate, footpaths, off-road bus stops and an on-road cycle lane. A significant element of the works was the construction of a new natural-stone faced retaining wall with railing adjacent to the new section of road and roundabout. This wall formed the new road boundary to the west. The works also included both hard and soft landscaping as adjacent to the road. Five uncontrolled pedestrian crossings at various locations along the scheme were constructed. All associated road markings, service diversion works, traffic management works, community liaison, bollard retention socket installation, new gullies, tactile paving and footpath build-outs were constructed as part of the scheme.