Crosshaven Sewage Scheme

Crosshaven Sewage Scheme

Client: Malachy Walsh & Partners

General Description

This project involved the construction of 12Km foul & surface water drainage pipelines at Crosshaven, Co Cork. It involved the installation of foul and storm sewer collection pipe work and the construction of 2 pumping stations and 10km of rising main to enable pumping of sewerage to the treatment plant at Carrigaline.

  • 12Km foul & surface water drainage pipelines
  • 225mm – 750mm in Crosshaven town and environments
  • 10kilometers of high-performance polyethylene rising mains
  • 2 nr. large pumping stations 6m in depth, constructed within sheet piled cofferdams in the tidal zone
  • Control buildings over both pumping stations
  • The interception of foul connections from buildings and existing sewers, rerouting and connecting same to the new foul sewers
  • Construction of car park and paved amenity area in town centre
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