Fermoy Water Supply Scheme

Fermoy Water Supply Scheme

Client: RPS / M.C.O’Sullivan Consulting Engineers Cork

General Description

This project involved the construction of a 250m3 capacity champagne-shaped, reinforced concrete water tower, 5,450m3 R.C. reservoir, control & chlorination buildings, 21km of water mains and associated works. The outstanding feature of this project is the champagne glass shaped water tower. The Tension from bowel to stem is graceful curve; in addition a curved ring beam leads smoothly from the bowl to the domed roof. Emphasising the structures slenderness, 20vertical ribs were placed around the stem running up the ring beam.

  • 250m3 capacity champagne-shaped, reinforced concrete water tower
  • 5450m3 in-situ R.C. reservoir
  • 21km of water mains
  • Control chlorination buildings
  • Working at heights up to 35meters
  • The Safety implications of this project were a major consideration
  • Installation commissioning of large diameter pumps and control equipment
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