Limerick Main Drainage

Limerick Main Drainage

Client: B. Barry Tramway House, 32 Dartry Road, Rathmines, Dublin

General Description

This involved the construction of a 2m internal diameter pipe under the river Shannon 600m long with ancillary works. This was achieved by sinking shafts on the banks of the river up to 16m deep by two different methods. One shaft was constructed using a sheet pile cofferdam with a conventional RC structure to complete the chamber. The other two werw constructed using a pre-cast segmental smoothbore shaft lining and sunk by caisson method. The tunnel was constructed using a Tunnel Boring machine with jacking pipes.

  • 603 m of 2m diameter tunnel under the Shannon River
  • 10 m X 10m X 16m deep chamber using sheet piling
  • 9m diameter smoothbore segmental shaft 16m deep
  • 4.5m diameter smoothbore segmental shaft 16m deep
  • 6km of 900, 750, 600 and 450mm Pipeline
  • 2No 450mm Hep 30 watermain beneath the Shannon 600m long
  • Broadband cabling
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