Youghal Landfill

Youghal Landfill

Client : Fehily Timoney, Consulting Engineers, Core House, Pouladuff, Cork

General Description
This project involved the construction of 3 new cells, leachate lagoon, administration buildings and roads infrastructure and capping of existing cells at the existing landfill facility.
  • Construction of 20,500 sq.m of new landfill cells
  • Construction on very soft estuarine silts below tidal groundwater level using geotextiles, geogrids and rock fill
  • 20,500 sq.m of HDPE membrane on 1m of low permeability clay liner to achieve 1X10-9m/s permeability
  • 20,500 sq.m 0.5m – 1.0m granular leachate collection layer
  • HDPE piped Leachate collection system
  • Capping of 18,000 sq m of and existing landfill
  • Installation of 18,000 sq.m of pozidrain gas and drainage collection geocomposites, gas control blankets, LLDPE liners & general geotextiles
  • Installation of 19 gas collection and dewatering wells and HDPE gas collection and drainage pipelines
  • Placing of 18,000 sq.m of low permeability subsoil capping
  • Top soiling and grass seeding
  • HDPE lined leachate lagoon
  • Roads and site works
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