Dinish Wharf Completion Works Update

The Dinish Wharf Completion Works project in Castletownbere kicked off in August. The scope includes the extension of the quay wall, construction of breakwater cells, dredging of the navigation channel and berth pocket along with all associated ancillary works.

Earlier this week our Sumitomo 160 tonne crawler crane was getting ready for its maiden voyage on the Wilcarry Barge! Huge planning and preparation has been put in by our site team to allow works to commence on the breakwater cells later this month, the majority of which will be constructed from the barge. In the background works are ongoing with the quay wall extension as well as Foyle & Marine’s EX1200-6 Grizzly progressing well with dredging operations. Great progress is being made by the Sorensen Team!


Cobh Dockyard Pumpstation Official Opening

Taoiseach Michael Martin officially opened the Cobh Dockyard Pumpstation on Monday 06th September. The opening of the Cork Dockyard Pumping Station marks the end of the raw sewage discharge from Cobh Town into the Lower Harbour. This important milestone means that the overall project is now treating 40,000 wheelie bins of raw sewage daily before its safe discharge into the sea and 20,000 homes are now connected to the new scheme.

The Cobh Network Contract has expanded the sewage network in Cobh Town by building 7km of sewer pipes and 5 new foul pumping stations, so that wastewater is now pumped to Cork Dockyard Pumping Station.

Sorensen are very proud of our site team for achieving this significant milestone, along with our partners Farrans and our wider supply chain.